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Installing fun - one playground at a time™
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Do you, the manufacturers you represent, or your customers require a contractor with a successful track record in playground installation and state of the art recreational equipment under the supervision of a certified playground safety inspector (CPSI)? Pro Installation Plus is ready to fulfill your installation needs for your school equipment, park equipment, or other recreational structure.

When looking at your next school installation, park installation, or other outdoor recreational structure, we are ready to serve you.


• Illinois
• Wisconsin
• Indiana
• Iowa
• Michigan
• Missouri

• Playgrounds
• Outdoor structures
• Water structures
• Skate parks
• Rooftop amenities

Pro Installation Plus is a certified installer for many major manufacturers, examples being: Kompan, Big Toys, Playmart, and American. We will commit ourselves to obtaining certification from other manufacturers, if offered by the manufacturer.

Past clients include park districts, school districts, PTA’s, child daycare centers, real estate developers, landscape contractors, home owner associations, condominium associations, apartment complexes, and recreational facilities.

Call Ron today at 815-479-7220 to discuss your next playground installation. We also install: gazebos, picnic structures, skate parks, and other recreational structures.


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Installing fun - one playground at a time™
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