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Ten Tips for Playground Safety

Does your organization complete a playground safety inspection on an annual basis? Have you properly documented the condition of your playground equipment? Do you have a maintenance program in place for your playground equipment? Do you comply with the Consumer Product Safety Council’s guidelines for Public Playground Safety? Are members of your staff certified by the National Playground Safety Institute? If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions - read on.

Thousands of children sustain injuries in the US at playgrounds every year – tragically several die from the injuries they sustain. Fortunately, this trend has been moving downward since the institution of safety standards at both the federal and state levels. In order to continue this downward trend, local implementation must be in place and unrelenting.

Across the country, numerous states have enacted legislation that requires the operators of public playground facilities to maintain a safe environment for children. In most states that have enacted such legislation regular and periodic inspections by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector is required.

Pro Installation Plus, Inc. will customize an inspection and maintenance program to meet your organization’s size and budget. Avoid the expense of having to get your maintenance staff expensive training to obtain and maintain certification. Get thorough documentation of the condition and maintenance required (or completed) for your play structures. Obtain an objective view of what is, and is not, there.

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Installing fun - one playground at a time™
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