Pro Installation Plus,Inc.

Installing fun - one playground at a time™
Serving Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and western Michigan

  Home We are proud to announce the formation of Pro Installation Plus, Inc. based in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Pro Installation Plus provides installation, service, maintenance and inspection of playground equipment, gazebos, outside shelters, and other public structures. Ron purchased the installation division of Reese Recreation, Inc. to form the new company, after working for Reese as their installation manager for eight years.

Clients include park districts, city governments, schools and school districts, PTAs, real estate developers, daycare centers, and homeowner/condominium associations. “If it’s an outdoor structure, we’re ready to take care of it. I’ve installed structures in parks, inside buildings, and on high-rise rooftops. I’m not sure there’s any kind of place my crew hasn’t handled.” Ewald said. “We basically bring an entire shop to the work site.” The company is a certified installer for such major playground equipment manufacturers as Kompan, BigToys, Playmart, and American as well as experience with virtually every US manufacturer.

Ewald, a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, went on to say “You’d be surprised at all the things that add up to make and keep a playground safe. A loose bolt, a missing end cap, the proper layer of safety surfacing…little things that a casual eye wouldn’t notice. Our inspection & maintenance program gives peace of mind to our clients, as well as documentation that they’re looking out for the safety of the kids and adults who use their facilities. There just aren’t many people who have the specialized training to know what all to look for, no matter how good their intentions.”

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Installing fun - one playground at a time™
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